Bodywork… what do you know…

I received a phone call from my 37 year old son, earlier this week, he was in pain ..

He had visited a couple of days earlier and had a treatment for a painful shoulder and upper body. While driving he had stretched forward to get his sunglasses off the dashboard and something had caused him pain and discomfort. 

I was on a break, during a busy day and as I listened I said ” You may have moved a rib and stimulated a nerve. I can’t see you now so go and see a chiropractor and I will see you in a couple of days as we had planned to.”

I have been a bodyworker now for approx 18 years. I live and work in the field of bodywork, spiritual and intuitional healing.
Intuition is a noun whose definition means that someone uses quick understanding to interpret but without using reasoning or perception, a snap judgment. 

I work from this state every day and I realise that others don’t always know what I take for granted.

My son called me again the next day..”Mum, I found a chiropractor and I saw her and she fixed the problem! Wow Mum it was so great the pain stopped straight away and Mum she can help with my posture also!” I asked him hadn’t he see a chiropractor before? No was his answer.

I see a chiropractor fortnightly to keep me in condition to look after my clients. I hadn’t realised my eldest son had not even thought about a visit to any of the “natural therapy” treatments before he went to a surgeon. He had missed my growth into the natural therapy work as he had left home as I began my training.

Note to myself: Never assume others know what you know…

While speaking with the chiropractor we realise clients sometimes think one treatment versus the other but please understand they work together as well.

Having a good body treatment, remedial /sports massage and then a chiropractic treatment can help you adjustment last longer or be much more effective. 

Muscles have a memory on how you have used them and in which position they have been holding your body in. The new correction from the chiropractic treatment can be pulled back to the ‘old’ position but by a massage helping your muscles to lengthen and be flexible, you will hold the ‘new’ position better.

Massage also relaxes and calms the muscles and your state of mind. It’s a win-win!

Lovely to talk with you

Sharon Bremner
RM Therapist