Discover how you can recover from injuries faster, relieve pain and aid your body’s recovery from injuries.

You will be well aware that the world has become so busy with the introduction of personal computers, mobile phones and many other “labour saving devices” that we as a whole find it increasingly difficult to turn off or wind down.

These devices lead to many of you feeling very tight, sore and head-achy.

Often this leads to decreased range of motion, developing rounded shoulders and a forward head posture.

You can enjoy a better nights sleep, decreased blood pressure, pain-free, increased range of motion, reduced levels of stress if you come and be treated at Bodysense by Shaz.


Regular massage therapy treatments helps aid in relaxation. If you’re feeling stressed and wanting to de-stress then I can assist you in unwinding.

Massage can help heal tired, aching sore muscles and joints. Massage is a great way to start or incorporate maintenance into your wellness program.

I am fully qualified in many areas of massage techniques and therapies but am known for deep tissue treatments. Styles include: Aromatherapy Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Remedial Therapy, Myofascial Therapy, Foot Reflexology, Pregnancy and Reiki.
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Remedial massage techniques are targeted to your problems so you can get back to your normal life quicker.

You can enjoy a treatment ranging from a gentle relaxing holistic style to a firmer deep tissue remedial/sports style dedicated to your healing and regeneration of your body.

I pride myself on my dedication to getting you back to feeling better, eliminating health problems, live longer, helping you to understand your body better, resolve issues and becoming stronger and healthier.

At Bodysense by Shaz I offer both a symptomatic approach to your problem (3-4 appointments) or many of my clients aim for the ‘Ultimate State of Health’ with regular fortnightly massages as the pace and stresses of daily life has increased.