Don’t Put Off The Massage

Some people never miss a regular massage session and credit them for keeping them healthy, de-stressed, supple and sane. Others only come for a massage when they get a money off voucher or something hurts. If possible, you should have regular massage even when you feel fine, because the effects of a regular treatment start to build up over time.

If you rarely get a massage, every time you come in, the therapist will have to un-do the same knots and work on the same areas. Life happens and we all get tense.
If you’re a regular client, she’ll know you well enough to work on those areas until you don’t need to have them un-knotted every time, and the effects on the rest of your body will be so much more powerful.

All in a day’s work

Working long hours and sitting in the same place wreaks havoc on your musculoskeletal system. You need this finely tuned system of bones, muscles and connective tissues to help you do pretty much everything, and when it’s neglected you get things like headaches, back pain and repetitive strain injury.
You can reduce the risk with regular massage therapy. A study from 2011 showed that having regular lower back massages helped to relieve  back and joint pain before it got to the stage where it needed medication or taking time off work, both of which are a very good thing.

Who needs stress?

Why let yourself get stressed when you can prevent it with a regular dose of massage therapy?  A regular session helps stop the insidious build-up of stress before you’ve even noticed it start to creep up. It’s not just about the obvious signs of stress that cause the problems, either. While you’re busy getting annoyed or stressed-out, your body is more susceptible to illness.

Stop the stress hormones in their tracks by booking in regularly for a preventative massage that takes all your cares away, even just for an hour. A massage increases the feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine and reduces the cortisol you produce too much of when you’re under stress.

We all sit still

Modern life isn’t exactly conducive to being active, most people have to sit at a desk or drive long hours and the average person probably sits still for eight or nine hours every single day. The effect of this is to make your shoulders round and pull forward, which in turn weakens your upper and lower back muscles – you’ll feel this in upper body aches and pains.

Regular massage combined with exercise are the dream team against bad posture and inactivity. A programme of both will help to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain from sitting still for so long during working hours.

Are you convinced you should make that appointment yet? Even if you’re not stressed, working too hard or sitting still all day, make massage a habit anyway and you’ll reap the benefits of a comforting, relaxing session that boosts happy hormones and just, well, makes you feel great.

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