Man having neck massage in the spa salon

MASSAGE - Relaxation, Sports, Remedial, Pregnancy

A great way to relieve the stress & tension from your body. Help tired and tense muscles of your body to heal and relax with the ancient art of bodywork. 

Trained therapists can help your body heal after accidents, operations, pregnancy and just being overworked!

Using luxurious lotions / oils with essential oil blends you will feel renewed and nurtured into better body health.
These treatments help to reduce stress and anxiety by lowering the 'stress' hormones and increasing your 'happy' hormones.

Many of us are working / playing hard and need to maintain better flexibility and help with muscle tension, so including a regular massage therapy session into your self care has been very beneficial to many of our clientele.   



" What's A Frozen Shoulder?' I'm often asked.

The hallmark sign of a 'frozen shoulder' is being unable to move your arm and no-one else can either!

Avoid injections and operations with this treatment and you can be pain-free in 13 weeks or less with the Niel Asher technique. Treats can be painful as I release the trigger points but no more than you are feeling now. Clients have stated the 'spasms' they have had, stop and the discomfort is not any way as intense & acute.

Initial Treatment  45/ 60 minutes for assessment and treatment

Follow-Up treatments 30 minutes weekly then progress to fortnightly as improvements are shown.

Ultrasonic facial to enhance skin


Stress Relieving Facials
Ultrasonic Anti-aging AHA Facials
Non-Surgical Micro-current Facials

Enjoy a relaxing facial, enabling you to unwind and reduce stress while encouraging your skin to glow and radiate health and vitality.

The salon uses the Pelactiv skin care range of products. These products are enjoyed by many and have delayed to visible signs of ageing with many of the participating clientele.

Pelactiv have a unique AHA professional system which simultaneously exfoliate the surface skin whilst hydrating new skin beneath.

Undertaking a 6 x 1/2 hour treatment per week will help to restore resilience to prematurely aged skin as it stimulate cellular renewal.

This leads to visibility healthier looking skin!

Clients can also add to their facials, the ultra sonic facial anti-wrinkle machine treatments, used to further permeate serums to look amazing. These treatments are truly rejuvenating for my clients.

Time of treatments range from 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

hot stone massage


Enjoy a blissful 2 hour pamper package beginning with a therapeutic massage incorporating a 60 minute stress relieving facial. This treatment leaves you feeling like you are floating away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You also undergo a 90 minute treatment to exfoliate your body with mineral sea salt  then be wrapped in Dead Sea mud warmed and wrapped to hydrate and detoxify. This treatment leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing as the treatment finishes with your body being massaged with body lotion.

Pamper packages can be tailored to suit all clients...



Relaxing treatments to help you sleep, control anxiety, change your habits

Hypnotherapy will allow you to let go of any worries or concerns. You and Sharon, together discuss what you are wanting to achieve from the sessions before the treatments begin.
You will be helped into feeling comfortable, very relaxed and at peace with the world.
You can relax and as Sharon guides you with a guided visualization reprogramming your internal voice to enable you to achieve the outcome you want.
Call today to book with Sharon to begin your best life!